Manual Book of Rotary Collection Table-Lazy Susan


1.  Brief Introduction

Rotary Packing Table is also named Lazy Susan. It is mainly composed of a dished table top, a motor and a support frame. All parts are made of stainless steel 304 which is hygienic for food.

The rotation speed is adjustable by the inverter in the control box.


2. Applications

The Rotary Packing Table acts as a temporary storage table for the finished bags. The finished bags rotate on the Table while the workers can sort them out easily.


3. Specifications

Power supply 220V, 50Hz, single phase
Power rate 0.37kw
Variable speed 30-50  r/min
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 1200*1200*850mm
Net weight 90 kg
Gross weight 150 kg


4. Installation

The Rotary Packing Table comes fully assembled in a wooden crate. You only have to take it out carefully and position it according to the packing line layout.

In case un-installation and installation is needed in the future, please refer to the assembling drawing D1below.


5. Operation

5.1 Connect to power supply

Connect the power cable with a suitable single phase male plug according to the local regulation. Make sure the live, neutral and earth wires are connected correctly to the plug. Plug power cable into a power supply socket in the factory directly.

Notice: Make sure the power supply is 220V single phase and is properly earthed!


5.2 Running

Release the Emergency button if it is pushed in. Turn on the Isolator (red/yellow) on the control box (see P1), the Table should start running.


You can adjust the speed to suit the capacity of packing line by turning the Speed Adjusting knob on the Control box.

To stop the machine, turn off the Isolator.


Notice: The engineer key hang on the control box should be kept by the technician, not the operator.


  1. Do not put a heavy weight (e.g. body weight) on one side of the table, otherwise it could fall over and cause injury.
  2. Do not try to stop the machine from rotating by pressing on the table surface, otherwise it would cause injury or damage to the machine.


6. Trouble Shooting

6.1 The speed is not adjustable

Causation 1: the wiring to the Speed Adjusting knob becomes loose or the knob itself is broken.

Solution 1: Check the wiring and make sure the cables are connected firmly. Replace the knob if necessary.

Causation 2: The Inverter is broken or an error occurred

Solution 2: Contact us or the Inverter manufacturer setting suggestions. Replace it if necessary.


6.2 The table doesn’t rotate after switched on.

Causation 1: The circuit is broken somewhere.

Solution 1: Check through the circuit and make sure the complete circuit is continuous. Check the Isolator, the fuse and the START button. Replace them if necessary.

Causation 2: The Inverter is broken or an error occurred.

Solution 2: Contact us or the Inverter manufacturer for setting suggestions. Replace the Inverter if necessary.

Causation 3: the motor is broken.

Solution 3: Replace the motor if necessary.


7. Maintenance

  • Clean the machine surfaces every shift.
  • Grease the chain, gears and bearing every month.

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