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Semi-Automatic Mesh Bag Clipping Machine

Semi-Automatic can complete tubular mesh bag double clip and cutting process, which is suitable for packing different fruit and vegetable into a different shape


Automatic Mesh Bag Packing Plant

This plant includes automatic feeding, automatic weighting and automatic mesh bag packing function. it doesn't need worker to operate during working process.


Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Weight Machine

This machine can weight block material, such as onion, potato, garlic and feeding into a mesh bag for packing.

Manual Mesh Bag Packing Machine

Combine Multi-Head Weigher Machine is used to weigh the fruit or vegetable and automatic feeding to the following packing machine or bag.

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Romiter Group are concentrating on manufacturing full automatic net bag clipping machine, net bag heat sealing machine, net bag packing line, manual net bag clipping machine, semi-automatic net bag clipping machine, cultivated bag clipping machine, sausage clipping machine.

Romiter Group offers mesh bag packing lines for a wide variety of commodities, including potatoes, onions, citrus, stone fruit, green beans, garlic, nuts, cherries, cherry/grape tomatoes, carrots, kiwi and many more.

Our staff of project engineers will work with you to design a packing line that maximizes your available space, production requirements and budget. We can supply all required takeaway conveyors, rotary tables and support equipment for a complete line.

Nowadays, Our main packing line include the following.


  • Introduction of Different Type Mesh Bag

    Introduction of Different Type Mesh Bag

    According to different making process and material. we can divide mesh bag as the following type   1.   HDPE Raschel Mesh Bag Common size: 50x80cm,27-30g/pc;45x75cm,22-27g/pc;40x60cm,16-18g/pc;35x60cm,15 20g/pc;35x50cm,12-14g/pc Color: Green,r ...   Read more

  • Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Mesh Bag Clipping Machine

    Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Mesh Bag Clipping Machine

    Pneumatic Semi-Automatic Mesh Bag Clipping Machine can be used for fruit packaging and sausage packaging; it complete clipping and cutting at the same time, the externRrrral mesh bag of the fruit can be cut during the clipping of the mesh bag. Spec ...   Read more

  • Packaging is an important ADDED VALUE to your crop

    Packaging is an important ADDED VALUE to your crop

    Loose potatoes and onions on display in supermarket Other significant added values to the crop for the producer can be: Packing, Labeling and Weighing the product. Increasingly it is seen in the retail and supermarkets that the onions, potatoes, ...   Read more

FAQ for Mesh Bag Packing LineMore

Where do You Have Customer for Mesh Bag Clipping Machine

Now. we already has customer in German, Hungary, Oman, India, Malaysia, Brasil, Canada, Taiwan, India, Bhutan, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru etc. All customer give us good feedback. ... + Read more

How do I install Mesh Bag Packing Plant

We provide detail manual book for all our machine, if after checking manual book, customer still can not complete installation.  We can arrange our engineer for the installation, But, customer need to pay for the visa, air ticket, accommodation and salary (100USD per day). ... + Read more

How Customer to Order Machine

After confirm the machine is ok. Customer will need to make payment to our bank account. Payment Term is 30% T/T payment as prepayment. 70% T/T balance payment should be made before delivery.  According to different machine customer order, around 10-45days, we will complete machine and arrange delivery. Customer can ar ... + Read more

Do You Supply Mesh Bag and Clipping Material

We provide roll mesh bag, pre-made mesh bag, clipping wire, clipping roll for our machine, if customer can get in their local, it is also ok for our machine. ... + Read more

How to Pack Potato, Onion and Garlic in 25kg Mesh Bag

We provide advanced design high quality block material dosing machine, which can realize automatic weighting and feeding process for potato, onion and garlic. Worker just need to put bag under the feeding port.  Customer can use mesh bag with string, which allow customer to close the bag with this string. or add sewing ... + Read more

What Machine do You Provide for Mesh Bag Packing

Romiter Machinery provide full line for mesh bag packing, include mesh bag clipping machine, fruit and vegetable weigher and mesh bag packing plant conveyor and elevator. According to different requirement, we can provide machine suitable for potato, onion, garlic, seafood, tomato, orange etc. ... + Read more

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