Manual Book of Auto Weighting Bag Packing Machine

Manual Book of Auto Weighting Bag Packing Machine

  1. PVC conveyor system
  2. Drives of conveyor
  3. Chassis
  4. Hopper with tensometer
  5. Exchangeable sack fillers
  6. electronic control unit
  7. Electronic power box
  8. Air inlet Φ8mm(in the back of electric power box)




  • Instruction———————————————————————–5
  • Packaging, transportation and storage—————————————- 8
  • Installation instruction———————————————————-9
  • Operation of touch screen and electric power box—————————–12
  • Explanation of each kind error alert——————————————-25
  • Maintenance——————————————————————–26
  • Technical documents———————————————————–28
  • Circuit diagram—————————————————————–28
  • Control diagram—————————————————————-28
  • Electric control box diagram————————————————29
  • Pneumatic diagram———————————————————30
  • Product diagram————————————————————31

Product certificate——————————————————————32

Warranty card———————————————————————-33

Packing list——————————————34



Thanks for you to use our Auto Weighting Packing Machine in order to let you acquaintance, understand and operate this machine ,please read this guide book carefully before you use machine.

The guide book describes the correlative regulation and necessary element of machine safe operation; the installation, operation and transportation of the equipment .Also supply the configuration arrangement of the machine.


The guide book is also including the operational document of the machine, and describe the control guide book and the other technical data listing which are offered with machine, the owner of the machine should be verify other data document according with the listing.


The compile principle of this guide book:


Please comply strictly the proceeding which list by this guide book then can help the user use the machine very well, also can insure the personnel safety of the operator.


The security requirement of the environmental must be complied so that prevents the accident from happening.


The copyright including relevant documents shall be reserved by ROMITER MACHINERY CO., LTD. In case that the manual including photo copy and reproduction is used for other purpose, it shall be subject to the consent of our company.



Auto-Doser are designed for dosing of agricultural products (potatoes, onion etc) into knitted sleeves, box pallets, bags or cases. The material shall be cleaned and sorted out for the operation to be smooth and trouble free. The minimum size of fruits is 20mm.the maximum size of fruits is 120mm.the average effective volume of the hopper in which a dose is weighed is 70 dm3 (this corresponds to 50 kg of potatoes of size of ca.70 to 90 mm)

The weight of a dose can be adjusted by 0.01kg in the range of 5 to 50kg.

The device can work as a last stage of an after-harvest assorting line, or it can work alone. One person is sufficient for its operation.

Main Specifications

Specifications RM50 RM60 RM70
Machine size 2920*790*2170mm 2000*650*1500mm 3000*1200*2350mm
Net weight 330KG 350KG 380KG
Working condition ambient temperatures, not be affected by air conditions ambient temperatures, not be affected by air conditions ambient temperatures, not be affected by air conditions
Running temperature +5℃-40℃ +5℃-40℃ +5℃-40℃
Rated voltage   3P 380VAC ±10%  3P 220VAC ±10% 3P 380V/220VAC ±10%
Control voltage DC24V DC24V DC24V
Power 2.2kw 2.4kw 2.6kw
Air pressure 0.8MPa 0.8MPa 1.0MPa
Weighing range 5-50KG 5-60KG 5-70KG
Weighing adjusting 0.01kg 0.01kg 0.01kg
Dosing accuracy More or less than the weight of one product More or less than the weight of one product More or less than the weight of one product
Weight display Numbers, four digits Numbers, four digits Numbers, four digits
Weight display digit 0.01kg 0.01kg 0.01kg
Quantity display Numbers, 0-9999 Numbers, 0-9999 Numbers, 0-9999
Control module One bag modus or pallet modus One bag modus or pallet modus One bag modus or pallet modus
Noise grade   77dB   77dB   77dB
personnel   one    one  one
Speed 5KG (based on the actual weighing products) reaches 280pcs/h


50KG (based on the actual weighing products) reaches 110pcs/h

5KG (based on the actual weighing products) reaches 280pcs/h

50KG (based on the actual weighing products) reaches 110pcs/h

5KG (based on the actual weighing products) reaches 280pcs/h

50KG (based on the actual weighing products) reaches 110pcs/h


Two conveyor belt is installed on the machine frame. Each conveyor belt is driven separately, and the data can be adjusted individually. The 0.3m belt is controlled by double operation speed electric reducer, so that the belt can convey the products into the hopper. The 0.1m belt is by low speed electric reducer. After the 0.3M belt stopped, it will get accurate measurement until the target weight.


The hopper is installed in the bottom frame by a pressure sensor. There is a discharging door in the hopper, which is controlled by two cylinders for discharging and closure.


The pressure sensor sends the signal to the hopper to indicate the product weight. The electrical control unit receives data from pressure sensor, then it will automatically calculate and output the information, so as to control the weighing process. The belt operates based on the target weight, coarse filling, medium filling and fine filling. The sequence is : coarse filling-medium filling-fine filling, so that the target weight is reached. When in the coarse filling, the wider belt is in a high speed, while in medium filling, it will in a medium speed. Then coming the target weight, the wider belt will stop. On the process of coarse filling and medium filling, the narrow belt keeps running slowly, while on fine filling, it will fill the products one by one to stop until reaching the target weight.


2Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1) Machine measurement:


2) Packaging:

2.1 Packaging Condition

As the doser has its definite weight, please choose the wooden material which has strong intension or similar wooden material when packing.

2.2 Packaging process safety notice

2.2.1 When the machine is packed, inside the wooden case, should use wooden batten which has strong intension or similar batten to support the machine so that it won’t be overturned in the wooden case.

2.2.2 There should be with “Upward” caution sign outside the wooden case to alert people don’t place it wrongly.

2.2.3 The place where close to the machine surface in the wooden case (includes the inner wooden batten), it must be isolated by soft material to protect the appearance of the machine.

2.2.4 Any heavy object or nails is prohibited to dropping into the wooden case while packing.


3) Transport

3.1 transport facility

The max gross weight of machine is less than 800KG. Please use the transport facility which could load 800 KG or above 800KG to transport the machine.


3.2 Transport process’ condition and safety notice

Keep the machine to stay stably and avoid it being overturned, inclined or impacted during the transportation.


4) Storage

4.1 Storage condition

Machine could be stayed under room temperature environment which is dustproof, damp proof and antisepsis.


3Installation instruction

1) Subgrade and Fixture

The net weight of machine is around 300KG, please notice the capacity of subgrade .Please keep no less than 500mm distance between the wall and machine when install the machine as well adjust the foursquare tighten screws to make the machine stay in the level.


2) Installation

2.1 Check if the device is complete located in well-aired area out of reach of extreme moisture and direct influence of weather. Situate it on a steady, horizontal floor and secure its wheels to be stable. where this condition can not be guaranteed, the producer recommends to buy and install corner supports to reach the stability. The corner supports are delivered by the producer per order. The producer recommends to locate the compressor outside a duty area for a longer lifetime of the compressor and pneumatic elements.

For detail manual book for auto dosing machine, please send us email.

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