Packaging is an important ADDED VALUE to your crop

Loose potatoes and onions on display in supermarket
Other significant added values to the crop for the producer can be:
Packing, Labeling and Weighing the product.
pre-packed-weighed-potatoes and onions

Increasingly it is seen in the retail and supermarkets that the onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes etc. are presented in bags of 2, 3 or 10 kg. The packaging material can be simple mash bags with a label sewed to it or highly sophisticated plastic bags with all kinds of colorful images. Even many of the bigger retail shops and supermarkets carry their ownprivate brand or private label. The shops prefer to do this for various reasons:

  1. A lot of work is saved in the shop, because the product is already weighed and packed.
  2. The shop displays look much nicer and cleaner.
  3. The private labels of the super markets give supermarkets and retailers all kinds of possibilities to attract and create customer loyalty. In effect they are great marketing tools for the retail.
  4. The overall handling of packed products is easier that bulk product.

Why not offer this packing, labeling & weighing services to the retail?
The producers with their storage facilities are in the perfect condition to supply these services to the shops and their colleague producers.
Why give this added value away?

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