New machine designed for entire packing line

Customised solutions and simplicity are vital issues for Manter in the supply and set-up of its packaging lines. Two examples in this respect are the unique Pusher and Positioner. The Pusher ensures the correct reading of labels, while the Positioner conveniently places bags of all sizes on a belt in the right position to feed the palletiser.

Manter recently had the honour of being asked to design two new machines for a project involving an entire packaging line in Germany. The project required two custom-made machines capable of correctly positioning bags of various sizes for further processing down the packaging line.

New machine designed for entire mesh bag packing line

Label facing up
The first machine Manter developed was the Pusher. This machine places bags that are fed by a vertical filler and sealing machine in such a way that all bags are positioned with the label facing up. This enables both the label on the bag and the plastic crate to be scanned from the same position. Two models of this machine were developed, one that is capable of processing up to 30 bags a minute, and another with a processing capacity of up to 60 bags a minute. By doing so, Manter added two highly practical machines to its range. The extra advantage of sliders is that they save a workplace and ensure a constant flow of bags to the robot palletiser. Moreover, the machines are capable of determining the required capacity. They are also easy to integrate in the operating system of the packaging line.

New machine designed for entire mesh bag packing line 2

Conveniently arranged
The second machine Manter developed for its German client was the Positioner. Drop systems capable of positioning 25-kilogram net bags fed by ’net-bags-from-the-roll’ machines for stacking in palletisers/robots have been available on the market for years. However, no systems had yet been developed capable of processing small 2.5 and 5 kg net bags. That has now changed. This Positioner is used as an addition to the automatic feeder and can process and conveniently position all bag sizes. It picks up a bag from the automatic feeder and tips it over while being held in a constant position. The position is then established, and as soon as an empty space on the underlying conveyor belt passes by, the bag is automatically placed in it. Both the Pusher and the Positioner were developed as additions to the fully automatic packaging lines of the German customer in question. They can also be manufactured for other customers.

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