Manual Book of Take Away Conveyor

Manual Book of Take Away Conveyor

1. Brief Introduction

Take Away Conveyor is mainly composed of a stainless steel frame (sus304), a plastic belt with flights and a drive motor. All contact parts are made of food grade plastic which is hygienic and safe for food.


2. Application

It always cooperates with a pack machine and other equipment to form an automatic packing line. Its function is conveying the finished bags to a higher level (about 1200mm above floor) working platform, which could be a Lazy Susan, Metal Detector, Check Weigher, storage table, etc. depending on the actual need.

This Conveyor is applicable for various kinds of sealed bags. It is widely used in many kinds of packing industry, especially for packing food.


Power Supply AC 380V /220v, 50hz, 3 phase
Power rate 0.18kw
Conveying ability 80bags/min
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 2000*450*1000mm
Net weight 70kg
Gross weight 130 kg


4. Installation

The Conveyor comes assembled. You only have to take it out of the shipping case carefully and position it according to the packing line layout.

5. Operation

5.1 Connect to the power supply.

Plug the power cable into the socket directly.

If there is no heavy duty plug with the Conveyor, please wire the four wires ( three lives and one earth) into the Switch Cabinet in the factory.

Note: Make sure the power supply is 380V/220V 3-phase and is properly earthed!

5.2 Running

After the power cable is securely connected, press the start button to start the Conveyor. Keep it running for at least 1 hour for the first time. Press the emergency button to stop the Conveyor.

The belt speed is about 20m/min. If stop the machine.


  1. Hands are prohibited to moving parts when belt is running!
  2. Broken bags should be taken out immediately to avoid products jamming in the gap between the belt and the stainless steel guide rails.

6. Trouble Shooting

Thanks to the simple structure of the Conveyor, there are very few failures that could happen. If the conveyor stops working, check through following steps:

6.1 Check through the wiring, the start button, fuse, etc. and make sure the complete circuit is continuous. Tighten all the connections. Replace the Start button or the fuse if necessary.

6.2 check whether there any product jammed. If yes, get rid of the blockage.

6.3 Check whether the Start button is broken. Replace it if necessary.

6.4 Check whether the Drive motor is broken, Replace it if necessary.

If you have any other problem, please contact us immediately.

7. Maintenance

  • Clean the belt and machine surface every shift.
  • Grease the chain, gears and bearing every month.

8. Drawing (see D1)

D1 – Take Away Conveyor drawing



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